Comparing the 1980 Shootings in Longmont with Michael Brown/Ferguson

In this lesson students will use the materials from BCLHP focused on the Longmont Shootings in the 1980s and the creation of the Kensington Park Mural, Unity, and draw connections between events in Ferguson, MO / Michael Brown. Students will create a mural reflective of themes, symbols, and ideas in Unity but apply these to Michael Brown. Students may write a short paragraph or essay explaining the connections between the two murals and/or give an oral presentation.

Created By: Cara Luchies-Schroeder, Skyline High School 

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20th Century Discrimination and Civil Rights

In this lesson students will use primary sources to explore how local individuals responded to 20th-century Latino experiences with discrimination. WWII Latino Veterans, 1920’s Ku Klux Klan, and Civil Rights era events will be explored. The unit assessment is a Socratic Seminar focusing on this question: In Boulder County Civil Rights conflicts, who was more effective in ensuring civil rights for the citizens: individuals or the government?

Created By: Justelle Grandsaert, Silver Creek High school 

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Assimilation and Acculturation: What Does It Mean To Be An American?

In this lesson students will evaluate the term, “What Does It Mean to Be An American?,” and develop an evaluatory conclusion as to the extent, or lack thereof, of acculturation and/or assimilation required to be considered an “American.” Furthermore, students will discuss whether “becoming American” is the “goal” of all ethnic groups (“assimilation” vs. “acculturation”) and evaluate the state of multiculturalism in America today. Students will employ the Michael Walzer article, “What Does It Mean to Be An American?” (1990), primary and secondary source data from the BCLHP, and research from the PEW Research Center, June 2015.

Created By: Chris Barnes, Longmont High School

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