Volume I: History and Contributions

Chapter 1: Setting the Stage

A. Describing people and communities in Boulder County

B. The intellectual context and primary sources
C. Some nineteenth-century background

Chapter 2: Early Hispanic Immigration to Boulder County, 1900-1940


A. Immigration from Mexico

B. Arrivals from northern New Mexico: a complex heritage

C. Newcomers from southern Colorado

D. Quantitative evidence about immigration


Chapter 3: The Contributions of Hispanic Workers, 1900-1940

A. Agricultural work, especially with sugar beets


B. Coal mining

C. Other jobs for men

D. The work of women and children

Chapter 4: Conflict, Racism, and Violence, 1910-1940

A. Labor unions and strikes, 1910-1935

B. Racism and the Ku Klux Klan, 1910-1940

C. Repatriation and deportation of Mexicans, 1932-1936

Chapter 5: Work, Wars, and Confronting Racism, 1940-1965

A. Immigration and employment

B. Military service in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam

C. Challenging racism, increasing inclusion, searching for identity

Chapter 6: Being Chicano, Migrant Workers, and New Jobs, 1966-1980

A. Creating an inclusive Chicano identity

B. Reaching out to migrant workers

C. Empowerment through new opportunities for work

Chapter 7: Chicano Civil Rights Activism in the Later 1960s and 1970s

A. Political activism by Boulder County residents

B. Chicano students at CU-Boulder, organizations, and “Los Seis de Boulder”

C. The shootings in Longmont and founding of El Comité, 1980

Epilogue: Some Facts about Boulder County’s Latinas/os in the early 2010s

Appendix 1-1: Total Population Figures, Three Towns and County, U.S. Census Data, 1900-2010

Appendix 1-2: Minimum Number of Latino-Surnamed Adults, Three Towns, 1900-1975

Appendix 2-1: Birthplace of Latino Adults, Three Towns, U. S. Census Data, 1900-1940

Appendix 2-2: Latino-Surnamed Children in School Censuses, Longmont, 1905-1964

Appendix 2-3: Latino-Surnamed Children in School Censuses, Lafayette and Boulder, 1915-1955

Appendix 2-4: Birthplace of Parents of Latino- Surnamed Children in School Censuses, Three Towns, 1925 and 1935

Appendix 3-1: Birthplace of Latino-Surnamed Farm Workers and Coal Miners, Longmont and Lafayette, U.S. Census Data, 1920 to 1940

Appendix 3-2: Occupations, Three Towns, U.S. Census Data, 1900 to 1940

Appendix 3-3: Summary, Occupational Analysis of Latino-Surnamed Adults, Three Towns Combined, Polk’s City Directories, 1926-1975