Family Traditions and Culture: Comparing Local to Other Places

In this lesson students will compare traditions in their community to traditions outside their community. Students will use their personal experience to connect to the curriculum. They will share their family culture and traditions to understand how groups of people connect to the environment.

Created By: Ana Campos Davila, Indian Peaks Elementary School 

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Defining Culture: Boulder County Latinos

In this lesson students will exploring elements of culture in a larger integrated 9th grade English/World Studies Unit 1. Elements of the larger unit will be introduced as a way of understanding the necessary themes and content vocabulary which will be applied in the mini unit. By completing group and individual assignments in this mini-unit, students will gain a more complex understanding of culture and history within Boulder County. Students will be able to blend their understanding of local culture and history into their growing perspective of global culture and trends throughout the remainder of the unit and school year.

Created By: Carly Jiron, Longmont High School 

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