American Ideals & Identity: Blended Poetry

In this lesson students use poetry to explore what it means to be an American. Over the course of two lessons students will look at multiple sources in order to understand varying perspectives about life in America and identity. A local connection is made through Augustine Cordova’s song, “Yo Soy Chicano” [“I Am Chicano”]. In the first lesson, students will read four poems and find powerful phrases that represent the perspective of the author about what it means to be an American. Students will then compare and contrast the ideas found in the poems using a graphic organizer. The second lesson will require students to create an original blended poem using the four sources to create a more inclusive definition of what it means to be American.

Created By: Jami Revielle and Anna Lever, Frederick High School

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Civil Rights Movement in Colorado – Latinos and Education: A Socratic Seminar

This lesson challenges students to view Civil Rights as a continuing process for marginalized groups. In particular, we will focus on Latinos in the Colorado educational system during the Civil Rights movement. When addressing the Civil Rights movement in American History, many students think of the courageous work done by African-Americans and other allied groups in the Southern United States (especially if they have taken a Civil Rights unit). This lesson expands their understanding to include Latinos. Students end the lesson by identifying other groups who may still be struggling with equal access to Civil Rights in American society, as focused on education.

Created By: Michael Codrey, New Vista High School

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20th Century Discrimination and Civil Rights

In this lesson students will use primary sources to explore how local individuals responded to 20th-century Latino experiences with discrimination. WWII Latino Veterans, 1920’s Ku Klux Klan, and Civil Rights era events will be explored. The unit assessment is a Socratic Seminar focusing on this question: In Boulder County Civil Rights conflicts, who was more effective in ensuring civil rights for the citizens: individuals or the government?

Created By: Justelle Grandsaert, Silver Creek High school 

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