The Civil Rights Movement – Local Latino Connections to Today

In this lesson students will address the political and social conflicts that occurred in the Colorado Front Range in the late 1960s-70s. Additionally, they will
◦Demonstrate their understanding of primary and secondary sources by completing a graphic organizer analyzing multiple sources
◦Demonstrate their ability to engage in civil action by developing a plan based on multiple variable analysis
◦Defend their decisions in Socratic Discussion

Created By: Philip Hernon, Longmont High School

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Not a Single Story: Understanding Experiences of Latinos in the History of Boulder County

In this lesson students read news articles about Latinos from local Boulder County news outlets, discuss, and write an essay in order to gain an understanding of the significant roles Latinos played in the history of Boulder County and the discrimination they experienced.

Created By: Carolyn Puska, Arapahoe High School

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