The Impacts of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo – Local Connections: How Do External Policies Impact Personal and Cultural Identities

In this lesson students will explore the impact that the changing of borders and the breaking of Treaty promises had on the Latinx living in New Mexico and Colorado. Students will explore primary sources to analyze the long-term impacts of the treaty.

Created By: Emily Krochmal, Altona Middle School

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Los primeros latinos en el condado de Boulder y la migración de tu familia [The first Latinos in Boulder County and the migration of your family] (a Spanish language lesson)

In this lesson students will learn about the early (1900-1940) migration patterns of Latinos to Boulder county; then they compare and contrast those patterns to their own family’s migration to the area.

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Exploring Push and Pull Migration Factors: Using Online Mapping Techniques and Primary Sources

In this three-day lesson students will work together in teams to examine historical maps, photographs, and documents. Students explore push and pull factors and how they affect migration patterns. This lesson provides a great introduction for students to use modern technology to analyze primary sources.
Created By: Eitan Fire, Angevine Middle School

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