La Familia (a Spanish language lesson)

In this lesson students will use Boulder County Latino History Project interview and photo to practice family-related vocabulary and learn about a local Latino family and one Latina’s experiences growing up in Boulder County. La familia can be used over several classes to 1) learn/review family vocabulary, 2) to compare/contrast specific aspects of family with students’ own experiences.
[NOTE: Many mini-lessons around family and other vocabulary/structures can be introduced throughout the year and related to local Latino history: describing family, family and work/play, family and clothing, family and education, family and fighting discrimination. This can also be used in conjunction with cultural reading about Latino families that often is part of Spanish textbook series.]

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Boulder County Latino Children Then and Now

In this lesson students learn about Latino children living in Boulder County in the early 1900s. Then they will compare the similarities and differences of Boulder County Latino children in the 1900s and today. Another focus of this lesson is to teach children how to write a compare and contrast text.

Created By: Khang Xiong, Ryan Elementary School

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