Health and Medicine within the Latino community: A cultural comparison (remedios y curanderismo)- A Spanish Language Lesson

In this lesson students will use the five modes of communication(reading, writing, speaking, listening and movement) in the target language(Spanish) to explore health and medicine as practiced by the latino community. Students will also have the opportunities to culturally compare and contrast their means of health and medicine through primary sources dissecting leading socio-economic issues, values and traditions that contributed to the practice of curanderismo.

Created By: Evelyn Firman, Peak to Peak Charter School

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Remedios: Traditional Home Remedies

In this lesson students examine latino home remedies. Home-produced remedies (remedios) are widely valued in Latina/o communities. Latinos often continue to love and use shared remedies for cures and prevention. Many Latina/o students carry a wealth of knowledge related to the remedios used for health and wellness within their families and communities. All student can share and learn from home-based remedios that have been used for centuries.

Students will draw historical and community connections by creating a writing instructional sample which will be a “how to” make and use a home remedy. Students will create a collective Remedies/Remedios book in dictionary format.

Created By: Rosalinda Rojas, Timberline PreK-8

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