Volume II: Lives and Legacies


Chapter 1: Families and the Stages of Life

A. Families, parents, and grandparents

B. Key transitions, birth to death


Chapter 2: Housing and Neighborhoods

A. Housing

B. Neighborhood communities and the interactive maps


Chapter 3: Food, Health, and Medicine

A. Food

B. Health and medicine


Chapter 4: Social life, Entertainment, and Sports

A. Social life

B. Entertainment and recreation

C. Sports

Chapter 5: Religion

A. Latinas/os and the local Catholic churches prior to the 1940s

B. Traditional religious practices at home

C. Involvement with the Catholic Church after the 1940s


Chapter 6: Education of Latino Children

A. The Latino commitment to education

B. Racism and discrimination at school

C. Quantitative information


Epilogue: Echoes of the Past, Voices of the Future: Ten Young Latinas/os in 2013-2014

Appendix 6.1: Grade Level of Latino-Surnamed School Children, Three Towns, 1925-1964

Appendix 6.2: Ages of Latino-Surnamed School Children, Three Towns, 1905-1964