Repatriation or Deportation – Creating a Secondary Resource

In this lesson students will use primary resources to create a secondary resource using the app iBooks Author. The students will write a chapter formulating a historical argument concerning the deportation of Mexicans during the 1930s that uses primary sources for support. The student narrative will keep the following 3 questions in mind; What does it mean to be an American or U.S. citizen? What is government’s role in a market economy? In what ways does the United States government influence decisions regarding production and distribution of goods?

Created By: Rob Halsey, Timberline PK8

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“The Outsiders,” Longmont Times, and Stereotypes in Informational Texts

In this lesson (one class period) students will investigate, as well as compare and contrast, how writers structure newspaper clippings in order to maintain stereotypes and manipulate story. The central primary document for this lesson is a photocopy of an actual newspaper from the Longmont Times written in 1932. For the purposes of this lesson, the other newspaper clipping will come from chapter 7 in The Outsiders. However, it is important to note that this second newspaper clipping can be easily substituted for any other newspaper clipping, real or imagined. The structure and format of this lesson will work just the same.

Created By: Collin Currier, Casey Middle School 

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How has Boulder, Colorado Received & Perceived Latino Immigrants? An Historical Comparison from the Early 1900s to Today

In this lesson students will get a taste of some of the experiences of Latino immigrants to Boulder County, focusing on how they have been received/perceived by the Anglos living here over time. The teacher will use BCLHP materials to teach Spanish vocabulary as well as the preterite and imperfect verb tenses. This grammar component is intended to be a review of preterite and imperfect verb conjugation.\
Created By: Catherine Powers, Casey Middle School

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