Claim Your Identity: Create Your Own Acronym, in Health, History, or English Language Arts Course

In this lesson, students will design an acronym for their ideal label or “check box”. The lesson emphasises emotional wellness through diversity. Students will use primary sources from the Boulder County History Project primary resources site (good examples are: Dalia Sanchez, Jason Romero Jr., and Kelly Sarceno) or the New York Times video op-ed site (good examples are: “A conversation with Latinos on race” or “A conversation with Asian-Americans on race”) and the attached worksheet to create their acronym. A historical view can be explored through the BCLHP primary resource set, Creating an Inclusive Chicano Identity.

Created By: Rebecca Freeman, Longmont High School

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“The Outsiders,” Longmont Times, and Stereotypes in Informational Texts

In this lesson (one class period) students will investigate, as well as compare and contrast, how writers structure newspaper clippings in order to maintain stereotypes and manipulate story. The central primary document for this lesson is a photocopy of an actual newspaper from the Longmont Times written in 1932. For the purposes of this lesson, the other newspaper clipping will come from chapter 7 in The Outsiders. However, it is important to note that this second newspaper clipping can be easily substituted for any other newspaper clipping, real or imagined. The structure and format of this lesson will work just the same.

Created By: Collin Currier, Casey Middle School 

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