Exploring Push and Pull Migration Factors: Using Online Mapping Techniques and Primary Sources

In this three-day lesson students will work together in teams to examine historical maps, photographs, and documents. Students explore push and pull factors and how they affect migration patterns. This lesson provides a great introduction for students to use modern technology to analyze primary sources.

The online forms provide opportunity for student-centered inquiry into primary sources. They can be used to prepare students for Document Based Questions and may serve as preparation for the PARCC test.

The mapping project provides students the opportunity to evaluate mapping information and to create their own maps. It can be worked on by groups after they complete the learning module (Google Form) for the first 3 days. Day four can be used to allow students to finish their maps and then to present them. Between the online modules, where students have opportunities to study maps, and the mapping project, where students actually create their own, this lesson has students working at all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy in understanding maps.

Download Lesson Plan: Word | PDF Link not working as of Feb 20, 2020.

Created By: Eitan Fire, Angevine Middle School