Child Labor and Local Latino Workers

In this lesson students will examine child labor and the lack of child labor laws especially for Mexican children by exploring images, newspaper articles and factual accounts from primary resource sets. Using student choice, students are able to show their understanding through a student choice project at the end. There is also an extension to another lesson created by a teacher in the Boulder County Latino History Project (BCLHP) who was actually a migrant child worker.

Created By: Emily Sanger, Timberline PK-8

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Migrant Workers: Tools That Sustain

In tis lesson students focus on the farm tools used by migrant workers to tell personal stories. The lesson provides the opportunity for students to learn and appreciate the contributions of migrant workers to our country and how children of the fields learn life lessons. The tools used by migrant workers serve not only to do the manual stoop labor required to provide food for American tables, but also as training tools for lessons that sustain and develop the thirst and hunger for knowledge. Thus grows the drive and determination to not only survive, but succeed. The lesson can also be used to highlight local Latino migrant contributions to the U.S. food industry. Extensions offer the opportunity for research into family agricultural/migrant history or other topics of student interest.

Created By: Maria B. Ramirez, Angevine Middle School

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